ESPN Television

The ESPN project started out very small consisting of the core of the buildings 17 lavatory counters. This project then grew by 15 times of its original contract.

Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. provided all the millwork for the corporate offices, including the president’s office which consisted of a wall unit with 4 large maple flat screen TV enclosures with storage, conference room with a 30’ display unit with 5’ x ½” glass doors, main lobby reception desk consisting of custom fabricated aluminum brackets, panels, and solid surface tops. Over 1000 lineal feet of laminated window sills, also standing and running trim through out the corporate offices, door frames, and wall panels.

Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. worked in perfect coordination with the general contractors to make the ESPN customers happy, which made Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. the subcontractor of choice for the ESPN Company.