Testimonials from Zavarella Woodworking Customers

Rave reviews and acclaim by commercial contractors, architectural firms and private millwork patrons
  • Architectural Building Systems, Inc.

    Dear Bruno,

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your personnel for the timely completion of the "Zurich North America" project. The project had an aggressive schedule, and the effort your company put forth contributed to making the project a success. Thank you, again. We look forward to working with Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. again in the future.

    -- Architectural Building Systems, Inc.
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  • The Architectural Woodwork Institute hereby confers the

    AWARD OF EXCELLENCE to Madison Avenue Hair & Skin Salon

    To honor the Architect/Designer for design of product, the owner’s support of the design concept and the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturer for the faithful execution of the design and quality criteria.

    Project Owner: Madison Avenue Hair & Skin Salon
    Woodworker: Zavarella Woodworking, Inc.
    Architect/Design Firm: Maier Design Group

    -- Signed by the AWI President and Vice President
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  • Saint Philip Church


    This letter serves to put in writing my spoken words of gratitude and appreciation. As mentioned, I am more than delighted with your craftsmanship, without a doubt you are a master of your trade. I grow in admiring and respecting your professional ability. The cabinets you have made are solidly designed and marvelously manufactured and now nicely set for use. In addition the vanity is so precisely placed it defies even computer accuracy!

    Furthering my profound gratitude are all the "little" adjustments and "major" accommodations you happily carried out – at no extra charge, no less! I am truly grateful, so much so, in fact, I would consider it an honor to recommend you to anyone who might ask; and I would do this without hesitation! Until such, again and again, my sincerest thanks.

    Prayerful Blessings,
    -- Fr. Michael A. Boccaccio, Pastor of Saint Philip Church
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  • AWI Design Solutions Magazine

    Fall 1999 Issue

    Maier Design Group of Hartford, Connecticut, turned to AWI member Zavarella Woodworking, Inc. Zavarella provided the woodwork for the salon, including the reception desk logo wall, the cabinet behind the reception desk, glass shelving and counters behind the reception desk, all cabinets in treatment rooms, 12 styling stations, shampoo storage cabinets and counters, chemical stations, and all mirrors and frames throughout.

    High pressure decorative laminate was used for the exposed surfaces. The high pressure decorative laminate offered the opportunity to use colors such as "maize shuborl" and "charcoal matrix" and match them exactly with the color used throughout the space. HDPL provides wear resistant surfaces that are perfect for a salon, bringing the color through in spite of heavy use.

    Zavarella was able to provide significant assistance with the wide variety of surfaces and substraits employed. For example, they recommended providing the method of hanging glass within aluminum "U" channels. Where curved glass was used, such as the display at the reception desk and waiting area. Zavarella came up with using 2" PVC tubing to hide threaded rods, nuts and bolts that supported the cantilevered shelves.

    For the woodworker, the challenging aspect of the project was applying the vertical compounding angled decorative posts to the radiused angled face at the reception desk. The reception counter also featured compound radiuses and angles along with different substances used, such as 3/4" glass with 10 foot radiuses on top of 1/2" stand offs with penciled edges. The gold leaf painted mirror frames at the styling stations were difficult to create as well.

    -- AWI DESIGN SOLUTIONS, Fall 1999
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  • Carroll Associates Architects, Ltd.


    I was at Buckland earlier this week. Walking through the restrooms, I was thinking about the work that you/your company did in a short amount of time revising the cabinets, adding doors at the trash bins, different cabinet enclosure conditions in different restrooms, getting the guest services counter done by grand opening. At the job site, you were always ready to do whatever it took to give us what we needed. It was a pleasure working with you. You did a great job.

    -- Terry Coradini, Carroll Associates
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  • Achieve Financial Credit Union

    Dear Bruno,

    Thank you for the wonderful job you and your workers did on the teller counter. It looks great and I’m thrilled with the results! I also want to thank you for your help and guidance through this process. I learned a lot and you certainly made my job of renovating the branch much easier.

    -- Lisa Calabro, Achieve Financial
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